METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod APK v6.4.0 (AP increases, No Skill Cooldown)

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Metal Slug, the finest of 2D Action-Shooting games in NEOGEO, is now available as a Tower-Defense game. Metal Slug Attack is a further evolution of Metal Slug Defense. Enjoy it to the fullest. Download the game now!


Overview information

Google Play com.snkplaymore.android014
File Size 77 MB
Version 6.4.0(Latest)
MOD Features AP increases, No Skill Cooldown, Mod Menu… [Details]
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Strategy

METAL SLUG is one of the console action games associated with many people’s childhoods. You can even experience the APK version of the game on Android devices. And if it doesn’t satisfy you yet, you can play another expansion pack called METAL SLUG ATTACK, a game released by SNK CORPORATION, the developer has many impressive products. It was installed by more than 10 million people and the number is still growing.


METAL SLUG ATTACK is the serial version of METAL SLUG DEFENSE. Tactical tower defense game. You will become a general, tasked with gathering army units to destroy the enemies’s base.

When the battle starts, you and your opponent will accumulate AP points (currency). They are used to purchase troop units, weapons and upgrade towers. This score will increase faster when you destroy the enemies.

In the screen above, you can observe the health status of the towers and an overview map. At the bottom of the screen is information about AP and units that can be purchased. The fight goes on, until one of the towers is destroyed.

In addition, METAL SLUG ATTACK also retains many of the same content as the original version. You can rescue the hostages along the way to get bonus APs and other items.

Army unit

METAL SLUG ATTACK is a defense strategy game, in which army units are the main force for you to control your tactics.

This game has a lot of different units. Each has its own characteristics, such as being able to attack near or far. They also have a special skill, which automatically activates when he has enough energy.

Like other goalkeeper games, units will automatically move towards the opponent and attack anything they encounter on the road. You do not need to interact or control anything. Instead, you just need to select the right units to support the pioneers, so they can reach the enemies’s tower.

The cost of purchasing units is proportional to their strength. For example, soldier using a pistol, they only cost about 30 AP. But for soldiers using machine guns, they cost about 60 AP.

Depending on the level you play, troop units will change. Initially, the challenges are quite easy so your soldiers use rudimentary weapons and technology. But then, the more powerful enemy, the appearance of the boss, you can buy armored vehicles, tanks and flamethrowers to fight them.


It can be said that METAL SLUG ATTACK is one of the remakes with the most game modes. You can play in main mode Attack, Combat School, Special Ops or Team Battle.

Each regime has a different context and rules. The system will provide instructions when you join. Team Battle, for example, you can team up with other players. The goal is to defeat 2/3 of the opposing team’s towers to win. Players can receive medals – a premium currency used for purchases in Team Battle Shop.


MOD feature

  1. Unlimited AP: In this game, you can use it to shop for optional items, weapons and equipment. AP will not be reduced even if your AP balance is zero.
  2. No Skill Cooldown: You can continuously use the skill without waiting for cooldown. However, your opponent will also benefit from this MOD feature. You should end them quickly before they can counterattack.
  3. No Ads: You can turn on the network while playing METAL SLUG ATTACK, pop-up video ads have been removed.

Download METAL SLUG ATTACK MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for a game to have fun at your leisure time, METAL SLUG ATTACK could not be better. It has light gameplay, fun visuals, and lots of missions to do. Below is the original and MOD APK version of the game. We offer it for free, you can follow the instructions to download and play now!