Identity V Mod APK v1.0.752 (Wall Hack, WireFrame Yellow, Purple, Cyan)

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Overview information

App Name Identity V
Publisher NetEase Games
Google Play com.netease.idv.googleplay
File Size 60 MB + 1.8 GB
Version 1.0.752 (Latest)
MOD Features Wall Hack, Mod Menu
Requires Android 4.1 and on
Category Action

Kill or be killed

Identity V gameplay

This game has the same gameplay similar to Horrorfield. However, the first difference is the angle of view. Identity V has the first view, thus making you feel the fear more real. Feeling like yourself in the game. It requires five players to be able to start a match. You will be paired up with other players online. In the game, you are given one of two main roles, including Killer or Survival.

The killer is a maniac killer. He had no other pleasures other than murder, hanging his victims on chains, and watching they struggle to die. His favourite weapon is a sickle filled with blood. When you are a Killer, your mission is simple, find all the other players and kill them. After killing them, you have to hang them on chains and they will die after a while. Otherwise, other players will save and heal them so they can continue the game. If you do not, you’ll have to play cat-and-mouse chase for the rest of the time. Only one person escaped, you will be the loser.

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You have to slash twice before the Survival is defeated. It’s quite annoying when you’re a Killer, you slash your opponent once, they will continue to run, and you stand to wipe away the sickle. This is time-consuming and humorous. This is perhaps to assert Killer is a real maniac killer. When you are a Killer, you do not have to be afraid of anything because you are the most feared in this game.

Can you escape from fate?

Identity V graphics

When you are a Survival, you can not attack Killer, you can just run away. Go through the obstacles so that he can’t catch you. Do not be foolish to race with him because he runs much faster than you. The only way to escape is to move smart, coordinate well with your team to fool Killer.

You can collect eye icons so the Killer can’t temporarily determine your location. Your only goal is to unlock the secret doors by activating the generator to get rid of this village. When you see your teammates hanged, you should wait for him to go far and rescue, otherwise you will probably also be hanged.


Identity V apk download

Identity V is a horror game, so you can not expect majestic scenery. Instead, the game is dark, damp and cramped. Gothic-style graphics, directed by Tim Burton. I feel like watching old horror movies. No matter how brave you are, the winds, the deadly sounds or the leaking light are enough to make you feel creepy.

MOD APK version of Identity V

MOD Features

  1. Wall Hack
  2. WireFrame Purple
  3. WireFrame Yellow
  4. WireFrame Cyan
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Download Identity V Mod APK for Android

This game is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for a game make you do not dare to go to the bathroom in the evening, Identity V is a perfect choice. Are you ready to explore the mysteries of this dead village?